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FUNLAVIE 7 Inches Natural Bristle Pumice Stone Body Skin Brush and Callus Remover with Dutch Wood Handle plus Cotton Hanging Loop- 100% Natural and Earth Friendly Pumice Material

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Everything Natural: pumice stone, fine Dutch wood handle, and cotton hanging loop. Total Length: 7 inch, Thickness of Pumice Stone: 1.5cm. Best Gift Idea for Her
Hygienic and moderately soft natural bristles that are highly effective for thorough body scrub and cleaning
Lightweight and mildly abrasive pumice stone Suitable for foot scrub, pedicure foot spa, foot massages or reflexology, and sauna
2-in-1 Design to Help enhance blood circulation, relives stress and fatigue, and promotes skin renewal. Scrub, exfoliate, and smoothen dry heels and hard skin formation like bunions, calluses, and corns
Natural Drying, Do not expose to sun. **To sensitive skin, please soak the brush head into 60degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit)water for 2 minutes till heads soften before usage. And, avoid soaking brush head into 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit)hot water which would lead to the head crack.**Please stop using the brush,if you are allergic to animal hair or feel any discomfortable during usage.

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Lightweight Mildly Abrasive Pumice Stone And Moderately Massage Bristles for Effective, Hygienic, Relaxing, and Thorough Cleaning - Exfoliates And Smoothens Bunions, Corn, Calluses, Dry Heels, And Hard Dead Skin - Foot SPA, Sauna, And Body Scrub Enhances Blood Circulation, Relieves Fatigue and Promotes Skin Renewal - Improves Wellness And Achieves Skin Glow Eliminate Stress And Boost Wellness One of the natural remedies for stress and fatigue is a good foot massage and scrub. With this 100% natural pumice stone scrub, you can enjoy a relaxing and soothing foot spa without breaking the bank. It helps you detoxify, improve blood circulation, and promote skin renewal in the comfort of your home. Skin Care And Body Rejuvenation The feet are the most battered parts of the body as it carries our weight no matter where we go. Treat your feet with a thorough and soothing scrub and massage using this dual-sided pumice stone and soft nylon bristle brush. Not only is it used for the feet, it can also be used on the body to exfoliate dry skin and eliminate dirt. Safe And Hygienic Materials The 100% natural pumice stone is lightweight and can be used to scrub off tough and dry skin such as calluses and corn. The moderately soft nylon brush, on the other hand, can be used on the body as it is not harsh and non-abrasive to soft skin. Moreover, this scrub-and-brush is made with Dutch wood handle for a perfect grip and for a lightweight and non-slippery handling during scrubbing. USE AND CARE It will last a lifetime if properly used and cared for. However there are some dos and don'ts that you should be familiar with to preserve the integrity and beauty of this comb. DO: Hand-wash in cold water using a mild soap and allow to air-dry; DON'T wash in dishwasher or soak. Don't make it long time dip into water! Don't put it into warm water! Don't expose long time to sun.

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